Management Systems



Synergy Pipelines and Plumbing is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and for contractors and visitors to the workplace. Adopting and promoting the provisions and compliance with relevant legislation, together with significant importance placed in the areas of hazard / risk management and injury prevention strategies, will achieve this.

We understand that creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is a major part of our overall responsibilities, and that all employees with management or supervisory responsibilities are accountable for the health and safety of employees and visitors in their respective work areas.

In conjunction with this policy, individual Safe Work Procedures, Risk Assessments, Safe Work Method Statements and JSEA’s have been put in place for our workforce to operate safely and efficiently.

Objectives of our system include:

  1. Zero harm – maintaining an accident free workplace
  2. Identifying and controlling associated risks
  3. Communication of WH&S at all levels within the organisation
  4. Encouraging all staff to participate in continually reviewing the system.

We expect all employees, contractors and visitors to our workplaces to follow safe work practices as prescribed under the legislation and in our Policies and Safe Work Procedures, and that they make every effort to eliminate hazards  to themselves and others.

We will provide adequate resources to manage and maintain the system, fulfill objectives, together with regular training on workplace health and safety and provide and promote rehabilitation.

We constantly strive for continual improvement to our WH&S System, which has been based upon AS/NZS 4801.

Workplace Health and Safety is important and we all have an obligation to ensure that we have a safe and healthy working environment and we encourage you to actively participate so that we may achieve this goal.

This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

Synergy Quality Policy

Synergy Pipeline and Plumbing’s Goals, Objectives and Procedures

  • To satisfy the needs of our customers by complying with the requirements of all Australian Standards, Council Regulations and Specifications
  • Make quality work the joint responsibility of Management, team and contractors
  • Our commitment is to utilise every available means to do it right the first time
  • Apply a quality planning system to ensure effective implementation of every new project to meet our Quality goals, including inspection and testing procedures <ITP>
  • To continually review our goals and objectives

To ensure the achievement of these objectives in a satisfactory manner, it is essential that the responsibilities are clearly defined, structured, accomplished and verified.

A major part in the achievement of these objectives is the assurance of quality.

It is essential that all personnel work within our systems for quality which is outlined in this policy and their normal day to day work procedures.

It shall be the responsibility of everyone within Synergy Pipeline and Plumbing to ensure that the system is constantly monitored by review and auditing.

This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis.